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Continental Giant Rabbit

It is impossible to track down where the Continental Giant breed originated. Originally in the UK giant breeds were all under one umbrella so they could be shown at once, rather than split up into multiple breeds and that breed class was called Continental Giant. Suffice to say, any Continental Giant in the US today is a descendant of the Flemish Giant and some other giants from across the pond.

One thing for sure, the Continental Giant (colloquially referred to as "Conti") is a large and beautiful rabbit. The BRC (British Rabbit Council) standard states that an adult must be at least 26 inches long, ear length of 25% of body length, and above 12.4 lbs, though it is preferred for them to be at least 14lbs here in the US.

BRC recognized colors are black, dark steel gray, light steel gray, chinchilla, red agouti, chestnut agouti, opal, and yellow. BRC recognized whites are REW and BEW. Other colors are common, but not showable such as diluted chinchilla (ghost chin), vienna marked (VM), self chinchilla, and fawn.

Baby WE Blue Continental Giant Doe
Puddin' our WE (white eared) Blue Conti doe as a 3 month old baby

Here in the US, however, the Conti is not a breed recognized by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) so you will see many BRC unrecognized colors, from harlequins to magpies, broken to lilac and everything imaginable in between. Pedigrees are useful in tracking lineage, weights of ancestors, etc. but will gain you nothing for showing. There is zero potential for you to have a Grand Champion Conti here in the US as it is not a showable breed.

They are however friendly, beautiful rabbits who make excellent companions and someday, will be a recognized breed by ARBA. In the meantime they are highly sought after, particularly in some of the less common colors. Let a Conti steal your heart and you'll never look back!


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