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Flemish Giant Rabbits

Flemish Giant rabbits are the oldest and largest domestic rabbit breed. They originated in Flanders (now Belgium) as early as the 16th century. Originally they were used for fur and meat, though now are most often beloved pets. They are recognized by both the BRC (British Rabbit Council) and ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). Average weight is between 15 and 22lbs though there is no maximum weight for Flemish Giants.

They were instrumental in the creation of the other two breeds we raise here (Giant Chinchilla and Continental Giant) and arguably, of every breed of domestic rabbit.

They come in 7 recognized colors:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Fawn

  • Sandy

  • Light Gray

  • Steel

  • White

Nesting Flemish Giant Doe, Pancake
Pancake, our Fawn Flemish Giant

When looking for a pure Flemish Giant, with the intention of showing them, you will want to ask the breeder if their rabbits are "Color Correct". What that means is as far back as the pedigree goes there will only be one color. If the rabbit you are looking at is Sandy, both parents will also be Sandy, as will all 4 grandparents, all 8 great grandparents, etc.

This is quite important for showing, but especially for selling show quality rabbits.

Where The Gray Bunnies Grow does not currently offer show quality or even purebred Flemish Giants. While we do have color correct does (fawn and black) we have been unable to find color correct bucks of acceptable size to go with them. However, one of our largest rabbits is our Fawn Flemish Giant, Pancake (pictured) at 22lbs and 3 feet long! Her babies (usually with one of our Giant Chinchilla bucks, Jaws) grow to an average of 20lbs and are some of the sweetest rabbits we have. They have a serious following, make excellent companions, and have gotten along fantastically with other pets. Nearly all are best friends with the dogs in their families. Contact us today if you'd like to get one the waiting list for a Flemish mix baby.


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