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Where The Gray Bunnies Grow

It is our goal at Where The Gray Bunnies Grow for anyone who purchases a rabbit to be happy with their purchase. We will do everything in our power to choose the correct rabbit for your situation and will never knowingly place any unwell animal.

We have a closed rabbitry, for the safety and health of our rabbits and flocks. We are happy to take pictures for prospective buyers, but will not admit anyone on our property at any time. 

We do not work with transport at this time. It is something we are looking into offering in the future, but for now rabbits must be picked up, in person, in Upstate NY. There are no exceptions to this at this time.

We do not accept deposits at this time. Animals are paid for, in full, at time of pickup. 

Rabbits will NOT leave here at less than 8 weeks of age - under ANY circumstances. Do not ask.

All rabbits will be healthy at pick-up. You taking possession of the rabbit concedes your agreement to this fact. Please see the post "Is This Rabbit Healthy" for how to recognize a healthy rabbit and the post "Why Rabbits Don't Have  Guarantees" for an explanation of why there are no guarantees after pickup.

We can not guarantee fertility on any animal. It is simply not something that can be predicted and can be affected by over-feeding, poor husbandry practices, etc.

We can not guarantee a rabbit as a particular sex. Young animals can be difficult to accurately determine (again, see "Why Rabbits Don't Have Guarantees"). To date, we have never incorrectly identified a rabbit after 8 weeks old and we hope that streak continues, but there is always a first time. 

We have an extensive waiting list. Prospective buyers are placed on the waitlist in the order in which they confirm they would like to be on the list and all information required for the list has been received. If you are contacted for your rabbit and you are not ready, you will go to the end of the list (unless someone has backed out and you were not informed it was your turn ahead of time. In this case, you will retain your place on the list and we will go to the person after you on the list for the newly available rabbit).

If you do not show up for pickup on the day and time agreed upon, you will be removed from the list and the rabbit will go to the next appropriate person on the list. You will not be permitted to get back on the list at any time in the future. We do understand that many people travel very long distances (up to 15 hours one way, so far) to pickup their rabbits and there are logistics involved. We will do our very best to work with you. You MUST notify us AS SOON as you are AWARE there is a possibility of not making it on time. We are not unreasonable people, but there must be a line somewhere.

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